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At first I was nervous and intimidated by the idea of counselling, but from the moment I met Alison there was an instant feeling of comfort. Since starting my counselling I have tackled life with a much more positive approach and I am confident that I will continue to do so. With Alison’s honesty, compassion and bags of experience I sometimes wonder if there is anything she couldn’t fix. If you are looking for somebody to help you through life’s struggles, look no further because you have just found her!
— A.C. (Male)

Alison enabled my daughter and myself to talk openly and really understand the issues that we felt were a ‘problem’ to us. We felt relaxed and comfortable. Alison has a wealth of experience in this field which reflected in her excellent facilitation and interpretation of our sessions. Counselling was extremely rewarding and we are now able to move on. Thank you.
— F.S. (Mother and Daughter)

Alison has taken me on a journey, which without her expert guidance, would have been an impossible task. Her unquestionable professionalism carefully lead me through some very difficult and personal places but at all times had me feeling completely comfortable. I was greeted at every session by a friendly smile and a great cup of tea the sessions were always relaxed and very easy. I’m not sure where the time went! At my initial consultation Alison told me that we would end up in a far better place than where I was at that time. True to her word I can gladly say that I am now back in control of my life and the future is looking very bright. The comforting factor is that should I ever need any reassuring support I know Alison will always be there. Thank you Alison!!
— S.F. (Male)

I would have absolute confidence in recommending Alison to a friend. She provides a safe place where you can talk through your concerns confidentially and without being judged. The sessions more than achieved the goal that I set at the start. I discovered the reasons behind why I respond the way I do in certain situations and stomped blaming myself for this. I am more than comfortable with who I am now, more than I have ever been. I have a more positive attitude to life and now feel better able to deal with life’s challenges. I attended the first session without really believing that I would benefit from counselling, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. I am now feeling much more positive about myself and my future. I can see my achievements for what they are and no longer judge the limits imposed on me by my disability as a failure. I couldn’t recommend Alison Anne Personal Counselling highly enough.
— S.B. (Female)

Without Alison’s support I am certain of the fact I would probably no longer be here. My whole world was on self destruct and Alison was the life-raft I needed to help me through the destruction and mayhem that ensued. She has been fully supportive throughout our time and takes that extra special effort to boost your own confidence and self valuation, making you feel better, a higher sense of worth and more able to cope against all the problems that are thrown down at us every day. Alison’s knowledge and experience enables her to accurately identify the causes of problems rather than just to treat the symptoms. The therapy techniques and practical advice she offers is unique and valuable. Varied methods she employs that allow you to deal effectively with problems for example, such as the rumination symptoms of manic depression, show an excellent success rate. Alison Anne is not just a brilliant counsellor that I feel able to trust with my deepest and darkest secrets, she has such a wealth of experience in all fields and a character that shines through her professionalism to feel as she has become a much loved friend that you would cherish forever and never want to lose. I hope this testimonial I have written will help you decide to trust in Alison as I have.
— M.D. (Male)

As I left the last time, I walked out with a smile on my face, which I think says it all. You have certainly helped to put me in a different frame of mind and I hold a different, more positive, outlook on life. Your style is clearly very personal to your client which is so valuable. Thank you Alison. I know we will see each other again at some point, but for the time being, things are going just fine all thanks to you.
— Name witheld (Male)

Alison has been a life saver for me, she has shown kindness, support and gives me the confidence I need to believe in myself. Throughout each session, Alison always listens intently to you and takes everything ‘on board’ that you are trying to say to her, giving you the reassurance and stability to focus on what’s ahead. Nobody ever knows whats in front them, they could be coasting on life’s pathway one minute and then be plunged into an empty void quite rapidly the next. Alison is not judgemental in any way, shes intelligent, witty, very perceptive and endearing that shines through. Its such a pleasure to see her and I look forward to our sessions every time because I have so much trust and faith in her...she’s one of life’s extraordinary people!
I’ve been seeing Alison very regularly for almost a year and if you saw me then and you see me now, you would realise how important counselling sessions are with Alison. She has pulled me from many empty cavities in the last 12 months and it’s been a journey that I couldn’t even contemplate doing without knowing Alison is there. Her true professionalism is outstanding and you can talk to her about anything with ease knowing that it’s absolutely confidential. I would like to thank Alison personally as she knows where my journey has taken me and still is continuing down a pot hole ridden road but with her knowledge and understanding I know I’ll achieve my goal. Thank you Alison!
— S.H. (Female)

“I visited Alison as I was suffering from PTSD following a tragedy at work and the way that had been subsequently dealt with. I found her approachable and easy to talk to despite me not being a person who finds it easy to open up. She guided me through the counselling, allowing me to see the situation in a new light. I will be forever grateful to her, she has given me back my life, I feel like I am me again after 3 years of feeling completely broken”

— S.B. (Female)